JCOP's 6th Plenary Meeting 

Author: TUC

The 6th Plenary Meeting of JCOP took place on June 6 & 7, on the premises of the University of Oslo in Oslo, Norway. During this meeting, all partners of the consortium participated either physically or virtually, discussing the status of our technical achievements, and our strategy for advancing and expanding the following activities:

  • Capacity-building through training sessions
  • Sustainable impact creation through synergies
  • Dissemination of results and enhancing publicity

For the sake of fostering comprehensive skill development via relevant training sessions, the participants discussed various exploitation and threat scenarios. These are important for determining the robustness of the JCOP toolbox, and to see how it should function in a Security Operations Center (SOC) when it is subject to a “stress test”, replicating real-life situations. Furthermore, an extensive discussion has also taken place concerning all future activities pertinent to the Action, which are mandatory for the consortium to carry out.

The final release of the JCOP's toolbox is finalized and integrates 19 different components. In particular, these components are:

  • Security Assurance Platform
  • OpenCTI
  • TAC Ontology
  • STIX 2.1 Security Playbooks Extension
  • MISP Security Playbooks Extension
  • FVT
  • Honeypot
  • Incident Response Management
  • Wiki
  • Alerting & Reporting subsystems
  • CTI Mediator
  • Monitoring Aggregator
  • MOOC Platforms
  • External CRs
  • Tabletop Exercises
  • Open & Commercial CTI feeds
  • EU CTI sources

With the toolbox being finalized, a key area of discussion for the Plenary Meeting was the integration, delivery, and demonstration of the JCOP platform. Consequently, an integration workshop was conducted on the first day of the meeting. This was followed by a second workshop on the evaluation of the JCOP platform using real-world scenarios.
The contribution of all the partners and especially that of the National Authorities of Greece (NCSA) and Cyprus (DSA) was critical throughout this workshop. The status and development of the Milestones, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and general dissemination activities were also discussed.

Updates on the general status and development of the Action were provided on the second day of the meeting. NCSA and DSA also provided updates on the integration needs and technical specificities regarding the toolbox. The meeting concluded with an open discussion on all the previously discussed subjects, with an outlook on upcoming activities outlining the necessary actions for the members of the consortium. The next plenary meeting is scheduled for early September 2023.